TLC Kitchen Cook-Off - Opening Title

TLC 新節目"雙廚出任務" opening title以及package design 這次比較特別的是我們連現場陳設和食品美術也一起處理,滿好玩的經驗

Credits of TLC Kitchen Cook-Off - Opening Title
Client: TLC Kitch Cook-Off 雙廚出任務
Head of Producers: 江柏甫 
PM: 方夢貞
Director / Art Director: Jason M Tseng
D.P: 陳哥
Production Team Lead: 江柏甫 / Alan
Editor / Director Assistant: 劉乙慧 
Graphic Designer: Han Chieh Chen
SFX: Stanley 
Special thanks to director Yuling Cheng.
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