Kids Kitchen - Season 2 Opening

A Dosomething Studio production. We are grateful for the trust our clients put in us. Also we would like to thank the team for their hard work.

Credits of Kids Kitchen Season 2 Opening
Client: 見方
Executive Producer: 方米亞
Production: dosomething studio
Dir: 神奇 Jason M Tseng
Art director: 王宗欣 Cowper Wang
Assist Dir / Creative lead: 陳婷安 TingAn
DOP: 吳仲倫
1st Assistant Cameraman: 小賴
Producer: 張世威
Gaffer: 阿圓 
Make-up Artist: 朵兒
Stylist: Melody
Designer / Compositor: 陳婷安 TingAn
Keying assist / Roto artist: 黃婷鈺 Tyne / 林旻葶 Charlie 
Music: 聲都
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