2016 Brothers Baseball Opening Video

A Dosomething Studio production. We are grateful for the trust our clients put in us. Also we would like to thank the team for their hard work.

Client: 中信兄弟棒球隊
Producer: 王宗欣
Art director Cowper: 王宗欣
Dir Jason M Tseng: 神奇
製片: 玠佑/ 煎餅
DP: 彭文星 
攝大助: 張謙旻
Gaffer: 劉京陵工作室
Editor: 陳婷安
3D VFX: 電腦臉工作室
Compositor: 黃婷鈺 / 陳婷安 
Music: 30而立
Client: 中信兄弟棒球隊
Producer: 王宗欣
Art director Cowper: 王宗欣
Dir Jason M Tseng: 神奇

製片: 玠佑/ 煎餅
DP: 彭文星 
攝大助: 張謙旻
Designer / Compositor: 吳怡蒨 / Wade Chiang(Plugin)
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